Tuesday, January 17, 2012

At school doin nothing!

Hi guys, how's your morning going? I bet you are all at school now. Haha me too! Here I am in this friggin co.assistants' room typing another absurd post, lol. Actually I'm bit dizzy here -tired as well since I didn't have enough sleep last night- cos I got another new legit assignment from my teacher to make a proposal for  our new research project and it will be collected by the end of this week. I mean c'mon he already gave us one, and we haven't done with that yet! Gah teachers nowadays are just... uncool you know!

Well anyway, let's just change the topic here shall we? I just don't want people stumble upon my blog and read about me always complaining about my damn lame life. Yup, as you guys can see, I've already changed my blog layout. Haha finally after ages this blog looking utterly ugly. What do you think? Pretty cool huh? Since I'm such a newbie at html-ing, so yeah. But this is actually my fav edited skin so far, I don't know, I think I'm just in love with the navies hover effect. This skin is inspired by the one that I use on tumblr (you can check the credit section, apparently this guy makes damn gorgeous layouts for tumblr, so I did take some source codes from him!). Nah you guys probably know that converting tumblr's layouts into blogger's is so damn difficult right?! I've tried this like idk how many times before then ended up with frustration.

Meanwhile this layout based codes is from Linda, because  I remember that I've used one of hers with a fixed sidebar before and then edited it adding some other codes from my previous layout made by Rainy and my tumblr's for the navigation. OTL, then I was just done with so much hurt on my eyes.

So now I'm gonna go and end this! Need to finish my homework asap because I need to hand them up tomorrow morning. See ya on the next post then, and have a nice Tuesday,


p/s: Please do ignore the intro on the sidebar guys, I was just too sleepy to make any intro or whatever, it will be replaced with something more decent later when I'm free. But yeah, I'm so in love with owl  guys, have I told you this before?


  1. I love your new skin, it's simple and not too crowded.

  2. i like y0ur layie here simple but s0 neat and s0 purple.