Sunday, January 22, 2012

See ya in March.

Woah, it's Sunday already. Time does fly so fast, doesn't it? I can't believe January is almost over. I realized nothing but time surely left me behind. I've tons of stuff to do, but here I am procrastinating, being unproductive for like a whole day.You know guys, I actually have this list of things that I want to finish/do this year. First of all, I have to finish my undergraduate program in biology next July really, and second go abroad asap!  But look I'm not done with my KKN yet, I haven't even finished my research proposal yet, I haven't started making a time table or anything, and I haven't even had my fckin breakfast! Ok that's not it but like yeah!

Ok, maybe you guys have already noticed (Nobody has chaq!) that I haven't been so active lately here. So yeah I'm gonna go leaving my all internet activities for the next few months so I'M NOW OFFICIALLY ON HIATUS! I need to focus on my KKN till I finish the final report, I also have to prepare some stuff for my thesis, and many more. It's gonna be pretty hectic.

So during my hiatus, for sure I'm gonna miss all of you guys, like honestly.. I mean you all have been there for me, help me go through my tough times or just to even fangirl with.. so here is just a small trivia to you all.

1. My twitter besties: Leah, Likka, Stasia, Meggie, Emily, and Lynn. You guys I don't know how I'm gonna survive my life without you all.. From school stuff to something like "do you think Justin has time to take a shower?" like what the fcuk but honestly, you guys are just awesome, thank you for the great 2011. I can't even thank Justin enough, bc of him I got to meet wonderful people like you. And of course Jane, we haven't known each other for long but for some reason I really enjoy talking to you.. So hope this year we could talk some more. And happy Lunar new year for you btw..

2. Some blogmates. Haha, thanks to this lame activity called blogwalking anyway I got to meet like a bunch of awesome bloggers. To Lettha that I've been talking to lately. Thank you for being so nice to me. My first impression was like ohmygod this cute famous lil blogger followed me?? Lol.

3.  Everyone on tumblr, no one in particular.. but to all my followers, thank you sooo much for always appreciating my lame edits. You guys are the best. Actually, I'm so into tumblr lately, I managed to post like 112 queues for the next two months while I'm gone. Lol, I know... I can't believe either.. I sure have so much time on my hands.

4. And everyone on facebook. I don't really have like online friends there since I use it mostly for irl friends and families.. but I just happened to meet these primadonnas on FTI's forum and they don't use any other sns but facebook so yeah.. So to Nancy and Pamela, girlssss you two rock!! thanks soo much for keeping me update with FTI stuff, we need to rewatch some kdramas again next time okay!

5. And of course, the hardest thing about this is I won't be able to catch up with my five precious boys. Damn FT.Island are soo particularly busy this time and Hongki does the #askHongki thing on twitter like everyday.. fucking hell I just want him to notice me! I can actually check on my twitter on my phone but like I think the signal would be pretty bad in there since it's like a pretty rural area. Oh well, I can't really do anything about it really.

This damn unimportant course called KKN is honestly like a pain in the ass! Why do I even have to like directly helping the community by staying at their village whatever the fcuk for a whole 3 months just kill me! I mean can I just do stuff in the lab instead..

Oh well, I'm not gonna bitch about how useless this course actually is, you guys have a nice weekend. See you all in March.

Des amis au revoir people in France say.. lol.



  1. Thanks kak :') semoga happy sama hiatus[?] nya yah^^
    oiyaaa, i'm not famous at all ^_^

  2. haha.. yess u are dek..!! soal hiatus.. pazti gag bakaln hepi..!!

  3. nahhh..
    ive no clue that youve a cute blog here if u dun DM me... what kind of bestie you are huh...??
    and owhh pls.. dont be on hiatus that long... whos goin to help me finish my biology h/w then...?? you must be kidding me, right...??

  4. @Stasia: owhhh my sweetie Stasyyy....
    im so sorry, i thought ive told u before..
    and, nooo... im not kidding you gurl.. im gonna leaving you fo the next two months... you then have to study one's gonna help finish ur h/ws anymore.... >.<
    lol... anyway, go read ur DM... i wrote u smthing.... ^^