Friday, March 23, 2012

Selamat nyepi.

So today is Hindu's Big day, called Nyepi, then no school, yeay! LOL. Uhm, talking about nyepi, this is kind of a ritual for Balinese when they are not allowed to do any activity for 24 hours, like eating, drinking (so, they're just fasting today), going to work, even talking to each other, anything. Nyepi is actually taken from Bahasa Indonesia, sepi means quiet/silent, then we call it "The day of Silence". They just stay at home or go to their temples for a whole day and do nothing. Here in Lombok, there are quite many Balinese celebrating nyepi. no wonder, because this island is just right next to Bali, so some Balinese people live here. Actually, there was another even yesterday evening, yea before nyepi started, people who celebrate it, was  pretty busy for their ogoh-ogoh festival. According to Balinese, ogoh-ogoh is a symbol of the demons inside their bodies that must be destroyed before they do the Nyepi ritual. If you haven't seen ogoh-ogoh before, here you go:

So the first pict above is the "ogoh-ogoh" and the second one is how Balinese people doing their "nyepi" ritual.
Looks pretty scary right? But believe it or not this is actually one of the most favorite festival for tourists even for local people here in Lombok. Those replicas of devils, demons, or whatever are carried around with some traditional Balinese music and then end up in Pura (Hindu's temple) to be burned. This festival always makes some main road in Cakranegara (the city where the population of the Hindus is the biggest) stuck. Like what I faced today. I wasn't intended to watch it or anything, I just forgot that today is  the "Nyepi" day. If I knew then I'd have definitely avoided that road. Lol. Because of this, I came late to the meeting that my friends  and I have arranged before. Gah.

And what does this post actually mean anyway? Like I have something interesting thing to share? No. Let's just say I practically have nothing to do because I'm to lazy to do the review for my research proposal. Damn you Chaq, stop being such a lazy ass! Okay I need to stop babbling around here.

So happy holiday Indonesia, and oh weekend tomorrow so yeay~~

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