Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Watashi wa totemo isogashi.

Why did he just randomly pop up in my head? Ok this has nothing to do with the post below.
I'm actually just in my damn galau mood, you know! Thinking about my research proposal is just like pain in the ass. God, even my lab partner has finished hers already and mine is just no where near chapter three. Somebody murder me please!

Anyway, in the middle of my business hurricane here, those kids from my KKN place keep texting me since like yesterday morning. I'm here just like "Kak Ichaq, when are you gonna reply our texts?" God you little kids, don't you know I just have no time to even take a breath here! So sit tight there and do your friggin' homework! And also there is this boy, I think I've told you about him before, my lazy student who has a crush on me. He texts me like every single minute! Ohmyfreakingod, life is so sweet! I mean c'mon I'm not into kids ok.

Well I need to stop talking abot this random stuff. So btw I’m following this biology competition or something again and the test will be next week. Though I don’t remember anything from those classes I’ve attended. Not after taking two months off living in god knows where. But yeah, there's no harm on trying right?

And the last thing is I just wanna tell you guys that I’ve decided to post my school stuff here like assignments, prep class reports, etc. I know this blog is kind of personal, but I don't feel like making another blog just to share my goddamn laporan biokimia there! This is just because all these 1st and 2nd year students keep bugging me asking for my stuff, they said just for literature review ok kid like I believe you, you will probably just end up copying the entire thing. But anyway...


p/s: btw pls do excuse the title of this post, it’s a japanese phrase written like 私はとても忙しい. means I'm so goddamn busy you guys back off! OK I kid.


  1. Halo.. Apa blog-mu ceboksnya juga di non aktipkan kayak punyaku??
    Aku lewat sini aja yah..

    Makasih lho, udah mampir.. :p>

    1. maaf baru sempet reply..
      gag kok.. cbox ku aktif...

      iaa, sama2...
      blog kamu baguz..
      aku suka postingan km.. lucu.. ^^