Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm obsessed

Ok jadi ini post saya queued guys. Sebenernya ini saya tulis right after I did that Harry Potter survey thingy thing, well I was just being nice didn't want to spam your dash guys. 

Jadi ceritanya tadi saya di facebook nih baca postingan temen gitu, terus tetiba fan account yang syaa follow ngepost sesuatu, guess what?? it was FTI's new photoshots from "Neverland" fucskdhsahdjffgs so the apparently the album is out already, ok it was actually like 2 or 3 weeks ago by now. Mereks ngepost link nya oricon site gitu terus saya klik dong and ohmysweetjesussssss!! my jaw got misplaced, ok it aint no exorcism but honestly, look!!!!

Forget who Jonghun is, look at my boy Jaejinnnn ohmygod Jinnieeeee... he's just sooo utterly cute I'm about to leave this planet byeee! Fcuking this oricon site tho, it won't let me save the pictures shit so much that's why I'm putting up my screencap here guyssss fjsdkcuk.

Jadi gitu, FTI ngerilis satu lagi japanese album, saya tetep fave 'Treasure' kayaknya, but anyway, Neverland ini soundtrack sebenarnya buat anime gitu. Lupa deh nama anime-nya apa? Tapi overall saya suka lagunya. Gak yang lansgung suka gitu, tapi pretty catchy lah. Secara Hongki's voice, rip.. powerful gila! Pokoknya semua lagu yang dinyanyiin dia pasti enak aja deh! I also might watch the anime too later if it's good.

Ok saya better cabut deh, soalnya ada yang mesti diselesein, ini post saya scheduled aja, you guys have a good night.

Bye xx.

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