Friday, November 9, 2012

This morning.

So good morning everyone. When was the last time I wrote here? LOL, don't tell me I don't want to know. /tf I just asked tho didn't I?// okay this is lame, I better get my breakfast first. Anyway,it's friday, that means weekend tomorrow.. I pretty much won't have a day off tho bc I need to finish writing this paper and gotta hand it in on Monday so RIP.

Enough talking about my sad life. So btw last night, I went to bed pretty early, like about 12.30 or something I don't quite remember, I was so done with my dioxin paper so I ended up watching this movie called Hanna,

It's like pretty old movie I think, it was aired back in 2011, well not that old then I guess so yeah. See that girl the main character, it's Saoirse Ronan, ohmygoddd!! I mean she's the one on the City of Amber you know, I didn't even recognize her at first. Anyway, it was a pretty good movie, I so love her when she talks in Arabic here.. you guys better check it out.

Btw about two days ago, I went out for lunch to this cafe with some friends, I actually paid for their lunch bc we kind of celebrated me being awarded a first place for this national science competition so yeah. I also missed them so much bc we haven't met for awhile either, everyone's been busy doing their research projects, since we're all in our final year now. My project is more like lab based while almost 85% of people in my class are taking ecology for their major, that means doing research outdoor, so they do diving, snorkeling, etc for those who take sea ecology or go rock climbing etc to collect their samples for those who take taxonomy, or soil project idk tbh.. their projects seem like so much while I spend most of my time looking down stuff under a microscope.

Btw you know there's this person I'm kinda so fond of.. like seriously, so he was there as well having lunch with his friends, and when I after I went home, I got a text from him he literally said "It was nice meeting you, you look pretty today" fulckjsld fucklsaj fuslajkhdjjjjsh I was blushing sooo hard my mom thought I was sick lol, but honestly.. I didn't expect him saying that.. I was actually gonna pretend I didn't see him whatsoever but he said "hi" anyway.. so fcuk me! This is pathetic I know.

Anyway, I replied to him saying "Thank you, same here!" and he actually asked me if we could meet again sometime next week? what the fjcdukkkkk???!! Ok truth to be told actually I'm not really ready to be in a relationship again.. I mean R***, I still... gosh.. No, I might cry if I continue this..

Ok have a good day to you all guys, enjoy your weekend tomorrow.



  1. You actually think no one's gonna read this? Well, you're all wrong, dear. I read your blog and you should know that. So... Someone's got a crush! LOL. It's nice he calls your pretty la. I mean, everyone's beautiful but it seems very special when it comes from the one you like.:) I wanted to try diving, snorkeling and zip-lining. My parents aren't here so we really couldn't do any of it this moment. What's the movie all bout btw?

    Nice photo btw. Cool shot. I enjoy your blog posts so please keep it updated every time you can. :)

    @Re: I don't really get mad of people easily. But you know, I though all along we're having a serious fight but I found out he was just playing and I feel so stupid for feeling furious, hurt and mad out of his game. T^T It wasn't right la.

    About Harry Potter, I wanted to do some HP games or surveys but since I still need to learn more about HP, it will do in the future. :)

  2. yeah exactly, i'm reading your blog too^^~ and don't strain yourself so much.. it's not healthy :)
    Yeah it's such a nice thing when someone you like calls you pretty, sweet etc.. and maybe he didn't take your response so seriously.. let's hope not

  3. Great post! Really cute blog! Would you like to follow eachother? xx