Thursday, February 28, 2013

After a long hibernation.

It’s raining outside and I don't think I have something better to do so I figured I will just write something here.

So guyyyyyysssss can you actually believe it's 2013 already, okay I know its's February already but like?? I know I should apologize for abandoning this blog for so long.. but still I mean 2013 maaann.. and I haven't made any significant progress. This is also my very first post this year, wow where have I been?

And ohh btw, I'm sorry for the spam guys, I just needed to post those school assignments and stuff here bc some friends asked me to. I just don't feel like making a new blog, I have too many blogs already so it's a hell waste of time.

Another thing is I'm now officially working as an assistant lecturer, I'm also working in the lab, I got this offer to joing a biotech research team and I was like "Hell yesss Sir, count me in!" so yeah! I'm at uni now most of the time. And my work turned out to be pretty enjoyable, bc basically I'm doing cloning and stuff so that's exciting. But then of course I'm also still busy preparing for stuff to apply for a Master scholarship.. guyssss you have no idea how much stuff I need to prepare, oh well there is no such a thing as easy isn't it? And I'm actually planning to take a research based, so I gotta find me a  research supervisor first.. sgasdfgh wish me luck guys! I was thinking to apply for Fulbright scholarship to the State, or AAS to Australia? I can't decide yet. There is also DAAD to the Netherlands, so yeahh.. I might apply for all!

Ahh life is getting busier and busier guys? how's yours?