Sunday, June 9, 2013

Got tagged. Again.

Hi guys, how was your weekend? Hope you all had a nice one! Mine was so damn boring I almost ended up killing someone. OK I kid, lame Ichaq is lame.

So apparently people here are just soo nice to me, I got tagged wow!! you guys actually noticed me here. So this is more like an award I guess, they call it “The Liebster Award”, I think I got one before, the rules are pretty much the same, so yeah! I kind of feel embarrassed actually since I haven't been blogging so much lately, yet you guys tagged me here I'm so.... Big thanks to my sweet blogger mates Nada and Diprat for this, you guys are the best.

As usual I gotta post the rules first so here you go,
Write 11 things about yourself.
Answer the question the tagger set to you.
Create 11 new questions for those you want to tag.
Choose 11 bloggers to be tagged and link them to the post.
You are not allowed to tag back.
And here are 11 random things about me:
  • A total introvert.
  • Manga is life
  • So is fiction
  • I love to observe
  • I fangirl a lot
  • I'm actually a bit weird
  • I don't like compliments
  • Hungry like all the time
  • Wants to be an astronaut
  • Potterhead
  • Sometimes draws
  • One direction owns my existence, for now

Ok, so I'm going to answer the questions from Nada first:

What's your favorite movie? Why do you love it?
Guys I love watching moves so much I have been watching them since I was like 2 I guess, you have no idea how many movies I watched in like a week! I can't mention my favorite here, they're just too many of them. Well but since you asked, I'm gonna tell you about the last movie I watched, it's called "Warm Bodies" I watched it yesterday. This movie is so underrated I guess, I mean it's actually very good. I have to admit that I thought it was going to be lame, but it kind of surprised me. I was entertained the whole movi, R the main character was so easy to relate it. Just go check it out guys this answer is a bit too long if I go on I might end up telling you the whole story.

Describe your life in 360 words!
Why 360 tho dear? Let me just say my life isn't that eventful but it does full of surprises. Well isn't that life anyway? You never know what's gonna happen the next minute. Sure there are things that I wish I could do to make it better but for now I'm grateful.

What do you think about cat? Tell me what you know about that creature!
Actually I hate cats, sorry. So I know nothing about this lovely pet of yours. I only know their genus name in latin, it's Felis.. I just love the name I don't even know.

Choose one. Dark or Bright. Short or Long. Big or Small. One or Two. Tell me the reason!
I don't even understand what sort of question this is but anyway, I choose dark, long, small, one. Now I need to provide reasons? Like what is this about btw? what is the context? Is it about body features or what? or just random? I'm so confused.

What do you think about the ballerina?
Girrrlllll, I don't know. I have zero knowledge.

How important teacher for you?
I won't be where I am right now if it isn't because of them.

Do you like drawing?
A friggin lot. I actually wish I had more time to draw, school kind of takes over my life. But anyway, I really do love drawing, you guys if you wnat, you can check out some of my drawings here.

Art or Science? Why?
Both. They are actually not separate disciplines. They both start with wonders.

Do you have enemy(ies)? Who?
Honey everyone has enemies in their life, you might think you don't but you actually do. You probably don't consider them as one, you probably don't even care or know they exist, but there will always be someone who hates or dislikes you, feels jealous of you, hates you bc of your achievements etc. OK the word enemy probably isn't the right term, they're more what you call haters.

Korean, Japan, or Spanyol? Why?
All three of them. I just love travelling.

Is there something that you wanna confess to someone? What's that? 
I just wish he knew.


Okay now the questions from Diprat:
What's your future goals?
To get acknowledged, I just want people to remember me. What they say about me when I'm gone, I still want them to talk about me.

Who do you want to be?
A happy person.

Who is your inspiration?
Actually every single person I meet and interact with. Whether it's in real life or online.

What things do you want to buy but yet accomplished?
I actually just got a new phone so yeayyyy.

Friend or Family?

Education or Hobby?
Both are important okay.

Comic or Novel?
I have like tons of them here in room I don't even have any space left for clothes.

Singer or Actress/Actor?
You mean which one I like better? or do I prefer to be a singer or an actor?

What is your favorite day? Why?
I hate Mondays, but it's actually my fave. Confused? Same.

Who do you want to meet now?
No one in particular but, okay.. there's someone. It's just bc I think I've made a mistake and got him mad.

Smart or Diligent? Why?
Honeyyyy, I don't actually understand.


Fiuhhhh, ok that's all.. now it's time for me to post my 11 questions. I just don't feel like making a new set so here from before:
  • Do you love cooking? What kind of food do you like to cook?
  • What you usually do when you have free time at school?
  • Are your parents over-protective? 
  • Do you like playing music? or just you prefer just listening to it?
  • Have you ever met your fav celebs?
  • What’s your hobby?
  • Do you often go out on the weekend?
  • Mention one of your best friend’s name? Tell me why does she/he mean so much to you?
  • Tell me something you will never forget that happened in your birthday party?
  • Can you recommend me some movies?
  • Do you ever feel like you want to escape or be somebody else?
I just realized my questions are sooo goddamn random, but I can be bothered to make new ones right now I gotta finish something for tomorrow. I'm not gonna tag people either, so guys if you feel like you want to do it then feel free too. Jawabnya juga gak mesti pake bahasa inggris. And if you do then, please leave me a comment below or simply on cbox, I would really love to read your answers..

That's all for now.



  1. duhh gue nggak paham sama yg kyk ginia.. -__-

    1. hahaha.. sama. sebenernya gue juga nggak paham...
      tapi yaahhh, dipaham2in aja...