Sunday, November 17, 2013

Me. Boredom. And the pressure.

Sebenernya saya harus nyelesein deadline weekend ini tapi subhanallah males saya sumpah gak ketulungan deh! I also have like soooooo many things I want to type down here and share them with you all guys. Thoughts just running around, one going ten arriving. I don't even know where to start.

I think I'm going to be a bit busier than before for the next two months which means no blogging till next year. I might occasionally come here tho I don't know.. but looks like I'm not gonna have much time to write, lol like I write much really?

I'm actually waiting for something.. uhmm can't tell you all what it is yet.. let's just say like a super big announcement. I promise I will tell you all later, just wish me luck for now okay!!!

And to all of you guys, thank you so much for dropping by here on my blog and leaving me some comments. They all mean so much, honestly! :). You guys are awesome.

p/s: I'm drawing Louis from 1D here in my messy room btw. (Haha, of course you know him, it's me you don't know! lol) /still improving, though/ (please ignore my Upin-Ipin carpet, I kinda like watching the twins it's like I'm watching myself with my brother, except we're not twins, he's like 8 years younger than me! LOL.

Wait wait, who's here that can't wait to see Catching Fire?! my friend Camille, she lives in NY, is going to see it next week. Dammit, I envy her so much. I can't probably see it till like next month or something I guess. You guys, pls dont ask.. I live in like a super tiny island okay, we only have like 2 cinemas here I guess? Pathetic I know!



  1. I always love your 1D drawings kak!! :3

  2. i cant imagine as well like you ,,
    your drawing makes my mind thought that " i MUST can draw like she ( you ). "
    i love drawing too , fantastic !!!

  3. Amazing! And you're still improving. Hahaha.

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