Saturday, December 31, 2016

Au revoir!

So tonight I've also decided to leave this blog.. I just feel like I can't really express myself freely here anymore, I don't know. That's probably why I haven't written in here for awhile now too, leaving all my stupid rants on my tumblr sideblog.. but anyway, that's final.. I actually really love this blog so much, I've had it since 2012, I was soo cringey back then /I still am tbh/ so I ended up deleting like 3/4 part of it, all the old personal shit posts, everything. I was actually planning to purge this entire blog but all these photos I've shared here, and also my all 344 followers, thank you, I appreciate every single one of you.

As for my assignments and school stuff I shared with you all guys here before, I still have them all on my mediafire account, I might make another sideblog later for school stuff lmaoo that's if I remember tho, the last time I promised you something here OK I don't even remember what it was but I'm pretty sure I broke it. Oh well... 

Aaaaand if you guys came here from my old blog, the one that I started in 2010, that blog account was hacked, I am so pissed bc google doesn't let me delete the blog. I told you earlier I was sooo cringey here, then on that blog I was soo very extra ultra cringey I want to remove my whole existence! like what the fuck? What was the young me thinking that posting all those stupid shit would be okay? OK, so all the links attached on that blog are dead, so if you are linked to some stupid website or weird accounts, I can assure you those aren't mine. I never shared my facebook account online either. So yeah, if you want to stay in touch, hit me up on twitter.

Unfortunately tho, I can't tell you guys about my future blog. I will probably keep myself anonymous there. Ahhh I honestly thought this was going to be my last blog. 

But anyway, thank you soo much guys for all these years being here. All your comments, the blogwalking thing, everything! It was really fun.

I should say good bye now. 

Have a good life.



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